Our staff receives hundreds of threats, vulgar comments, and inappropriate messages via email, social media, and hand-written letters on a monthly basis. Coursen Security’s threat management process is instrumental in helping our leadership team to differentiate those who intend to harm our staff from those who simply want to disrupt our efforts. Mr. Coursen not only assesses each individual submission, but he keeps a very thorough matrix of all historic concerns that provides invaluable insight. He routinely provides fact-based feedback on the realistic risk our staff is most likely to face, and then provides practical solutions for keeping everyone safe. Coursen Security gives our entire team the confidence they need to remove worry from their work, which allows us to focus on the task at hand.

Mr. Coursen is a true professional who will conduct a thorough review of your company and then provide practical and sustainable recommendations to improve your safety and security needs. We continually use Coursen Security Group for all of our risk assessment and threat management needs.

What began as an event with an expected attendance of 25,000 grew to one attended by hundreds of thousands. If it was not for Spencer’s meticulous planning and his security strategy, I can say with confidence that our event would have not only been a disaster, but one that resulted in loss of life. …He prepared us for every “what if” imaginable so when the Washington Mall was overwhelmed with guests, our team was able to focus on the show as we knew our safety and that of the audience was in good hands.

Our initial assignment together involved managing the protection of a high profile international financier. This particular individual was under intense media scrutiny at the time, and also the target of very real physical security threats. Mr. Coursen served as his primary close protection officer and led a team of five protection officers, including an advance scout team, and two logistical officers. Mr. Coursen always demonstrated control over his surroundings, while remaining unobtrusive from his client’s perspective. His conduct instilled confidence in the people he worked for and in the people who worked for him.

I have observed Spencer lead and train others and I have seen him in stressful and casual times and have always been impressed with his professionalism and the pride he takes in his work. I have observed his detail interact with children and adults at the same time. This ability to adapt is very important and one that Spencer excels in.

Mr. Coursen is a former Army Ranger and highly decorated combat veteran. He is an exemplary security professional, a patriot of the highest order, and exactly the right person to have advising you in an emergency.

Our client list is confidential.