Ronaldo Fan Breaks Through Security

Photo Cred via RT

Photo Cred via RT

Another public figure protection failure as a fan of Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo broke through security where the Portugal team was staying to give his hero a hug. 

The soccer star did not look pleased.

Security staff quickly separated the young fan from Ronaldo, who then went on to sign autographs for other adoring fans. 

But what if this fan had not been friendly? 

It is important to remember that these seemingly “harmless breaches” and “successful stunts” serve as planning guides for those who intend serious harm. 

This is especially true at public events where the acceptable risk of recent breaches should serve as a warning cry of the complacency stadiums convey toward safety.


Taken as a whole, event staff is largely undertrained, underpaid, and lack any social accountability. There is almost no incentive for them to do their job particularly well. Why? Because they have a built in excuse: “I’m a $10/hr staffer. What do I know?”

The result is a rather apathetic approach toward securing the certainty of safety.

Rather than rising to the level of your expectation, they falter to the standard of tolerated practice. This means security staff -- entrusted to ensure public safety -- are more likely to enjoy a free show while the stand and wait for something to happen.


Public figures would be wise to become more engaged in their own protective posture. To not simply accept that “something is being done,” but to ask the next question of what that something is.

The willingness to defend oneself should always be greater than an unwillingness to offend another.

There are several easy-to-accommodate ways to facilitate a positive fan experience while also ensuring a favorable pocket of personal protection.

Awareness + Preparation = Safety