Coursen Security Group
Coursen Security Group
Expert advice on how to return to normalcy after a breach of safety.

Threat Management

Protective Intelligence

Vulnerability Reduction

Coursen Security Group is a premier threat management firm in Austin, Texas providing protective strategies and safety solutions to business leaders, news organizations, law firms, start-ups, schools, public figures and private families.




Spencer Coursen is a nationally recognized threat management expert who has an exceptional record of success in the evaluation and resolution of threats, conflict resolution, employee terminations, physical security assessments, policy authorship, protective intelligence, and vulnerability reduction. 

After a distinguished career spanning military, government, and private sector service, Mr. Coursen founded Coursen Security Group to provide his expert advice on how to return to normalcy after a breach of safety, and to help his clients reduce risk, prevent violence, and ensure the certainty of safety for everyone involved.